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Teaching and Learning

"Play is the highest form of research" Albert Einstein

Children are active learners. At Jubilee we believe play is the tool through which children learn best. Inviting environments are set up to engage children's curiosity. Teachers spend time observing and engaging with children to facilitate the development of deeper understandings. Everything we set up has purpose, meaning and learning potential. 

The aspirations you have for your child are important to us. We will include you in your child's learning journey, by aiming to develop educationally powerful relationships which support and develop your child's individual potential.

Documenting Childrens Learning

"The support and interaction with the kids is great. The staff are enthusiastic and the kids are happy"

"We love this kindy and just love watching our little one flourish since he has been coming here. We couldn't be happier"

"I love how there are always new, exciting activities set up every time we arrive"

"I love how the Centre has kept to being a true Catholic Centre and the kid's learn so much about Catholic teaching"

Parent responses Jubilee Survey 2017

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