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Haere mai

Jubilee Catholic Early Childhood Centre is available to all families seeking Christian based values for their preschool child. We recognise that every child is an individual therefore each child will be encouraged to develop at their own pace and according to their own capabilities. Each child is unique with God given potential and alongside parents we will help discover children's gifts and develop them.

Our Story

In February 2000 a proposal was put forward from our founder Christina Reymer regarding working towards establishing a Catholic Early Childhood Centre. 


In April 2001 Jubilee Playgroup was established. The playgroup continued until Jubilee Catholic Early Childhood Centre became fully licensed and was officially opened in October 2002. 

Jubilee is a Community Centre and governed by a Board of Directors. We have a Management Committee that is represented by a Board member, our Supervisor and Jubilee Families.

 Dates 2024

15th January  – 20th December 

We are closed for statutory holidays

Centre Hours

School Day

Mon – Fri  8.30am – 3.30pm

Full Day

Mon – Fri  8.00am – 5.00pm

Our Philosophy

Our role is to support children’s faith development in partnership with whánau, community and parish.

Each child is unique with God given potential. It is our task to nurture and strengthen these individual gifts.

We will model and support children’s development of Christian Attitudes: including Love; Care/Compassion; Respect; Acting with kindness; Strength/Courage; Speaking with gentleness; Self-control; Patience; Perseverance; Justice/Being fair.

Children learn best through their play. We will provide an environment that supports children’s holistic development through the provision of ‘open-ended’ resources.

Learning and teaching is most successful when children feel safe, loved, valued and their achievements are acknowledged.

Relationships are fundamental in ensuring children and their whánau feel a sense of ‘belonging’ at Jubilee. Through these relationships parental aspirations and expectations for their child can be supported.

Te Wháriki and The NZ Catholic Curriculum statement are our guiding documents and these are supported by current theory and teaching practice.

Maori hold a special place in Aotearoa/NZ as tangata whenua therefore we celebrate and share our bi-cultural Aotearoa and the multicultural community of our centre.

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